Michael Wilkinson
Dean of Scarborough College and Assistant Professor of Theology

Charles Carpenter
Associate Professor of Humanities

Travis Dickinson
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics

Patricia Ennis
Distinguished Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences

Justin Hiester
Assistant Professor of Missions

Steven James
Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration

Mark Janzen
Assistant Professor of History and Archaeology

Ethan Jones
Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Michael Keas
Professor of the History and Philosophy of Science

Donald H. Kim
Assistant Professor of Bible

R. Keith Loftin
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Humanities and Assistant Dean

Robert López

Professor of Humanities

Katie McCoy
Instructor of Women’s Studies and Editor of Biblical Woman

Stephen Mizell
Assistant Professor of Humanities

Greg Smith
Associate Vice President for Academic Administration and Associate Professor of Bible

Harvey E. Solganick
Professor of Humanities

Sarah Spring
Associate Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center

Lee Williams
Associate Dean of Scarborough College and Associate Professor of History