Degree Plan (Bachelor of Music in Performance)

Music Core

Course TitleCourse NumberHours
Theory and Musicianship ITHY 11044
Theory and Musicianship IITHY 12044
Theory and Musicianship IIITHY 21044
Theory and Musicianship IVTHY 22044
Form in MusicTHY 41022
Music TechnologyTHY 32022
Musics of the WorldMHS 20022
Music History I: Antiquity-RenaissanceMHS 21022
Music History II: Baroque-ClassicalMHS 22022
Music History III: Nineteenth Century to PresentMHS 23022
Platform Leadership for the MusicianWOR 11000
Biblical Foundations of WorshipWOR 11022
Conducting ICON 36222
Piano Proficiency (students may need to complete Piano Foundations I-IV in preparation for PIA 1500)PIA 15000
Voice Proficiency (students may need to complete Class Voice I-II and VOI 1501 to satisfy VOI 1500)VOI 15000
Performance Lab (eight semesters)PFL 11000
Select one course:Select one:
Congregational Worship MusicWOR 21022
Introduction to Creative WorshipWOR 31022
Culture, Philosophy, and WorshipWOR 32222
Select two practicum courses:Select two:
Practicum: Contemporary Leadership and ResourcesWOR 33211
Practicum: Leading Small Vocal Ensembles in WorshipWOR 33411
Practicum: Leading Small Instrumental Groups in WorshipWOR 33511
Practicum: Administration and Finance in MinistryWOR 33811
Practicum: The Arts in WorshipWOR 34711
Practicum: Artistic Outreach and ProductionsWOR 34811
Practicum: Media in WorshipWOR 34911
Total 36


Students must select a concentration in instrument, organ, piano, or voice.48

General Studies

Humanities Core
Early Western Civilization SeminarIDE 11033
Late Antiquity SeminarIDE 12133
Renaissance and Reformation SeminarIDE 22033
Enlightenment SeminarIDE 31033
General Education Core
English I – Grammar and SyntaxENG 11033
English III – Rhetoric and CompositionENG 21033
Natural ScienceNAS 42033
Contemporary Social IssuesSOS 41133
Baptist History and HeritageHIS 22133
Personal EvangelismEVA 22011
International Mission TripMIS 32011
CHP 1000
(6 semesters)
Biblical and Theological Studies
Systematic Theology ITHE 30333
Select one:
Systematic Theology IITHE 40333
Systematic Theology IIITHE 40433
Select two:6
Old Testament IOTS 21133
Old Testament IIOTS 22133
Old Testament IIIOTS 31133
Select two:6
New Testament INTS 31233
New Testament IINTS 32233
New Testament IIINTS 41233
Degree Total131