Suggested Study Plan (Missions Concentration)

Missions Concentration
Suggested Study Plan


First Year

Fall Semester (15 hours)
ENG 1103 English I
HIS 1113 History of Western Civilization I
IDE 1103 Early Western Civilization Seminar
BIB 1123 Virtues of Godly Character
HIS 2103 World Religions
CHP 1000 Chapel
Spring Semester (15 hours)
ENG 1203 English II
IDE 1213 Late Antiquity Seminar
HIS 1213 History of Western Civilization II
BIB 1113 Bible Study Methods
REA 1103 Reasoning
CHP 1000 Chapel


Second Year

Fall Semester (15 hours)
ENG 2103 English III
IDE 2113 Medieval Seminar
OTS 2103 OT Survey I
Language (3) Greek/Latin/Hebrew I
MIS 2013 Introduction to Missions
CHP 1000 Chapel
Spring Semester (15 hours)
IDE 2203 Renaissance and Reformation Seminar
IDE 2213 Baptist History and Heritage
OTS 2203 OT Survey II
Language (3) Greek/Latin/Hebrew II
Elective Hours (3)
CHP 1000 Chapel


Third Year

Fall Semester (18 hours)
OTS 3103 OT Survey III
NTS 3113 NT Survey I
Language (3) Greek/Latin/Hebrew III
IDE 3103 Enlightenment Seminar
FNA 3103 Arts and the Christian Worldview
THE 3033 Systematic Theology I
CHP 1000 Chapel
Spring “Hands On” Semester (12 hours)
EVA 3313 Evangelism Practicum
MIS 3316 Missions Practicum
MIS 3323 Linguistics Practicum
Summer Following “Hands On” (3 hours)
IDE 3203 The 19th Century Seminar


Fourth Year

Fall Semester (15 hours)
NTS 4113 NT Survey III
IDE 4103 The Early 20th Century Seminar
THE 4043 Systematic Theology III
MIS 4xx3 Intercultural Communication
Open Elective Hours (3)
Spring Semester (15 hours)
NAS 4203 Natural Science
IDE 4203 Late 20th Century to the Present Seminar
SOS 4113 Contemporary Social Issues
NTS 3213 NT Survey II
THE 4033 Systematic Theology II