Degree Plan (BAHBS)

History, Life, and Thought

Course TitleCourse NumberHours
English I- Grammar and SyntaxENG 11033
English II- Literary InterpretationENG 12033
English III- Rhetoric and CompositionENG 21033
English IV- SpeechENG 22033
Personal EvangelismEVA 22011
Introduction to Fine ArtsFNA 31033
Greek I, Hebrew I, or Latin I2GRK, HEB, or LTN 11033
Greek II, Hebrew II, or Latin IIGRK, HEB, or LTN 12033
Greek III, Hebrew II, or Latin IIIGRK, HEB, or LTN 21033
Greek IV, Hebrew IV, or Latin IVGRK, HEB, or LTN 22033
History of Western Civilization IHIS 11133
History of Western Civilization IIHIS 12133
World ReligionsHIS 21033
Baptist History and HeritageHIS 22133
Early Western Civilization SeminarIDE 11033
Late Antiquity SeminarIDE 12133
Medieval SeminarIDE 21133
Renaissance and Reformation SeminarIDE 22033
Enlightenment SeminarIDE 31033
The 19th Century SeminarIDE 32033
The Early 20th Century SeminarIDE 41033
Late 20th Century to the Present SeminarIDE 42033
International Mission Trip1MIS 32011
Math for Financial ManagementMTH 32222
Health ScienceNAS 11033
Natural ScienceNAS 42033
Physical EducationPED 11011
Physical EducationPED 11011
ReasoningREA 11022
Contemporary Social IssuesSOS 41133

Biblical and Theological Studies

Course TitleCourse NumberHours
Bible Study MethodsBIB 11033
Virtues of Godly CharacterBIB 11222
The Christian LifeBIB 12122
Old Testament Survey IOTS 21133
Old Testament Survey IIOTS 22133
Old Testament Survey IIIOTS 31133
New Testament Survey INTS 31233
New Testament Survey IINTS 32233
New Testament Survey IIINTS 41233
Systematic Theology ITHE 30333
Systematic Theology IITHE 40333
Systematic Theology IIITHE 40433
Chapel3CHP 1000(6 semesters)


1 Students are required to go on one International Mission Trip over the course of their time at the College in order to graduate. To meet this requirement, the trip must be faculty-led by either one of the faculty members at Scarborough College or Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the trip must be out of the country.

2 Twenty-one hours of electives are available. These may be taken as free electives or the student may choose a prescribed minor or concentration. Minors are twenty-one hours in length. Most concentrations are fifteen hours in length, leaving three hours for free electives. If a selected concentration requires more than 21 hours, then the overall length of the B.A.H.B.S. will exceed 129 hours.

3 Non-transfer students are required to pass six semesters of chapel. Transfer students will have the number of required semesters reduced based on the number of hours transferred.