Degree Plan (BAHBS)

History, Life, and Thought

Course Title Course Number Hours
History of Western Civilization I HIS 1113 3
Early Western Civilization Seminar IDE 1103 3
History of Western Civilization II HIS 1213 3
Late Antiquity Seminar IDE 1213 3
World Religions HIS 2103 3
Medieval Seminar IDE 2113 3
Baptist History and Heritage HIS 2213 3
Renaissance and Reformation Seminar IDE 2203 3
Enlightenment Seminar IDE 3103 3
Introduction to Fine Arts FNA 3103 3
The 19th Century Seminar IDE 3203 3
The Early 20th Century Seminar IDE 4103 3
Contemporary Social Issues SOS 4113 3
Late 20th Century to the Present Seminar IDE 4203 3
Introduction to Natural Science NAS 4203 3
English I- Grammar and Syntax ENG 1103 3
English II- Literary Interpretation ENG 1203 3
English III- Rhetoric and Composition ENG 2103 3
English IV- Speech ENG 2203 3
Greek I, Hebrew I, or Latin I2 GRK, HEB, or LTN 1103 3
Greek II, Hebrew II, or Latin II GRK, HEB, or LTN 1203 3
Greek III, Hebrew II, or Latin III GRK, HEB, or LTN 2103 3
Greek IV, Hebrew IV, or Latin IV GRK, HEB, or LTN 2203 3
Reasoning REA 1102 2
Personal Evangelism EVA 2201 1
International Mission Trip1 MIS 3201 1
Health Science NAS 1103 3
Natural Science NAS 4203 3
Math for Financial Management MTH 3222 2
Physical Education PED 1101 1
Physical Education PED 1101 1

Biblical and Theological Studies

Course Title Course Number Hours
Bible Study Methods BIB 1103 3
Virtues of Godly Character BIB 1122 2
The Christian Life BIB 1212 2
Old Testament Survey I OTS 2113 3
Old Testament Survey II OTS 2213 3
Old Testament Survey III OTS 3113 3
New Testament Survey I NTS 3123 3
New Testament Survey II NTS 3223 3
New Testament Survey III NTS 4123 3
Systematic Theology I THE 3033 3
Systematic Theology II THE 4033 3
Systematic Theology III THE 4043 3
Elective/Concentration2 15
Chapel3 CHP 1000 (6 semesters)
Total 129


1 Students are required to go on one International Mission Trip over the course of their time at the College in order to graduate. To meet this requirement, the trip must be faculty-led by either one of the faculty members at Scarborough College or Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the trip must be out of the country.

2 Twenty-one hours of electives are available. These may be taken as free electives or the student may choose a prescribed minor or concentration. Minors are twenty-one hours in length. Most concentrations are fifteen hours in length, leaving three hours for free electives. If a selected concentration requires more than 21 hours, then the overall length of the B.A.H.B.S. will exceed 129 hours.

3 Non-transfer students are required to pass six semesters of chapel. Transfer students will have the number of required semesters reduced based on the number of hours transferred.