Our Faculty

Introducing the faculty of Scarborough College

The men and women of Scarborough’s faculty are dedicated to seeing our students thrive, both in their studies and in their spiritual walk.

You can meet our administration team here.

Michael Wilkinson

Dean of Scarborough College Associate Professor of Theology

Sarah C. Spring

Associate Dean for Student Success for Scarborough College Associate…

Charles Carpenter

Associate Professor of Humanities Dean of Students

Travis Dickinson

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Christian Apologetics

Justin Hiester

Assistant Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies Director of…

Ethan Jones

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Donald H. Kim

Assistant Professor of Bible

R. Keith Loftin

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Associate Dean of…

Katie McCoy

Assistant Professor of Theology in Women’s Studies

Stephen Mizell

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Gregory Smith

Associate Vice President for Distributed Learning Associate Professor of…