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“S” stands for L.R. Scarborough, who left his mark on Southwestern as one of its founding faculty and second president, acting as both the institution’s architect and steward. Just as Scarborough left his mark on Southwestern, so our students will leave their mark in the world as they bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth and impact the Kingdom for eternity.

The color blue ties Scarborough College to Southwestern Seminary and its legacy of preparing God-called men and women for ministry for more than 100 years. By sharing this color with the seminary, Scarborough College’s students stand on the shoulders of 45,000 graduates who have come before them, enabling them to steward the institution’s ongoing legacy of reaching the world for Christ.

The color gold resembles a flame, emphasizing that the flames of soul-winning have continued to burn brightly at Southwestern from the time of Scarborough—the first occupant and namesake for the seminary’s Chair of Fire—until today. The image also evokes the pages of a book—which, especially in antiquity, were often gilded with gold leaf—indicating the college’s commitment to rigorous academic preparation.

Scarborough ‘Lewis the Lion’

The name ‘Lewis’ is a boy’s name of English origin meaning ‘renowned warrior.’ The lion was chosen because of some factors that make Scarborough College unique: our Great Books classical education and our emphases on apologetics and biblical studies. These three things combined make C.S. Lewis the quintessential representative for our program. Thus, Aslan, his most well-known character, proved to be the model for the mascot.

The lion symbolizes courage, strength, leadership and excellence, as well as resilience in the face of challenges. These are characteristics that we wish to see in the students of L.R. Scarborough College. ‘Lewis the Lion’ will become the iconic symbol for all who enter Scarborough College to receive a classical education with a biblical foundation.

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